What Smells Repel Mice?

Do not consider the mouse as a friendly creature nor allow them to live in your house because they live in messy places and carry diseases. They can also destroy the home functioning by eating the wires, cloth, paper, and many more.

Instead of using poison, we recommend you to use some smells that can help you to repel mice, few of them are given below:

Use of coffee powder 

Coffee power is used in every home, but do you know it can be used to repel the mice? Mice have a sharp sense of smell, and black coffee has a sharp smell that is not liked by the rats. The rat will also avoid the area that contains coffee smell. Take a towel paper, and add one tsp of black coffee powder, place it near to the area where you do not want to see the mice.

You can also use this method in the kitchen to keep the mice away from food.

Use of Noni fruits 

Another way to repel the mice is the use of noni fruit. Cut the noni fruit into two pieces and place near to the nest and at the place where you have seen the fresh dropping. Use fresh fruit when the old one starts getting dry.

Use of eggshells 

Most of the people like to eat an omelet or half fry egg in the breakfast, and we waste the eggshells by putting them into dustbins do you know you can use this to repel the mice?

Follow the following steps to make eggshell deterrents.

  1. Add the eggshells into the blender to make the powder.
  2. Now dry this powder in the sunlight, or you can even dry in the oven.
  3. Now use this powder at the places that are mostly used by mice or use near to their nest.

Use of garlic

Mice hate the smell of garlic; the place that contains garlic smell mice will leave that place immediately as they cannot bear the smell of garlic. Simply cut the garlic into small pieces, add some of them into the nest, and remaining near to the dropping and entry points, it is found to be effective in repelling the mice.

Use of mint leaf 

The smell of mint is also found to be effective as mice repellent. Mesh the mint and mix it into the water, now add this water into the spray bottle and spray in the area where you have seen the mice or their dropping.

Use of vinegar 

As we already mentioned, mice hat strong smells and white vinegar is found to be most effective. Just take the cotton balls to dip them into the vinegar and place them near to the area that is affected by mice. After using this repellent, you will never see them again in those areas. Dip the cotton balls again in the vinegar solution when you feel they are going to dry and use until you did not feel your house is safe from mice.


Another way to repel the mice is the use of mothballs. Place them all over the area like in the basement, attic, or near to the cracks. The smell of mothballs is considered a strong deterrent to repel the mice.

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